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Officers & Board of Directors


President: Marilyn Van Vleit

Vice-President: Patsy Smith

Secretary: Debbie Scott

Treasurer: Sarah Fitzell

Board of Directors

Liz Sterry, Edie Green, Teri Esperance

Committee Chairs

PWCCA Representative: Patsy Smith 
Membership: Vicki Kirsher
Ways & Means: Courtney Oker & Robin Castle 
Corgi Currents "Ears Up": Liz Clark 
Education: Teri Esperance, Debbie Scott
Rescue: Nissa Lindstrom


2021 Specialty Sarah Fitzell
2021 Holiday Brunch ​Carolyn Waterfall

2022 Specialty:  Carolyn Waterfall

2022 Holiday Brunch: Carolyn Waterfall

2023 Specialty: Carolyn Waterfall

2023 Holiday Brunch: Carolyn Waterfall

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